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I don't usually do these, but...

I usually skip memes, both here and on my other LJ, but I realized that I've been friending more folks who don't already know all this. It's sort of strange to realize that the last time I talked to new people (aside from work contexts) was 7 years ago. I really am a bit of a recluse, huh?
10 Favorites
Drink: I think I'm contractually obligated to say coffee. I think it's in the fine print somewhere. If I'm being picky, specifically Bewley's Dark Roast from Rebecca's Cafe by MIT, which I haven't had (and dunno if they still have it) since grad school. As it's not fair trade and an import, I don't buy it for home. Whole milk or unsweetened soy milk, no sugar, always hot, even in a heat wave. Bonus alcoholic drink answer: an Old Fashioned.
Song: This varies so, so much. In honor of the penultimate question on this thing, though: Ride the Wind, by Poison is up there on the list.
Garment: My half-a-dozen pairs of comfy Old Navy jeans. I live in these things.
Website: Google, probably. LJ is up there, but not #1.
Time waste: Video games of all stripes.
Memory: What? One answer? No. Instead, my favorite Doctor Who quote: "A man is the sum of his memories." It'd be an even better quote if it didn't have that obnoxious man=gender-neutral pronoun bit.
Groupie: I have no idea.
Soda: This week, Knudsen's Jamaican Lemonade.
Body part on me: My hair and my calves. (I need to bike more...)
9 Currents:
Mood: Burnt out. I need a vacation -- the closest thing I've had recently was driving to see my mom before she had surgery, and that was in April.
Taste: Stale office coffee.
Clothes: Navy blue waffle-shirt stolen from Dave, the aforementioned jeans, black chaco sandals.
Desktop picture: At work, on my Linux box, I have four. All Doctor Who screencaps -- the titular Gridlock, the Dalek fleet from PotW, the Matrix-esque screens from School Reunion, and a sky full of Toclafane.
Nail color: Uh, no. Current length says this week has been stressful but not absolutely insane, as about half of them aren't bitten down.
Time: 14:16 EDT.
Surroundings: mah top-floor window office, baby.
Annoyance: Developers who make me miss Friday cookies.
Thoughts: Tiiiiired. Also, am out of space to enter this entry because I'm posting from work and Lynx and the LJ update screen have a bizarre and kinky relationship. Hmm. Guess I'll have to log in properly for once.
.....okay, logged in. Not that anyone is likely to be reading this anyways, but here's the rest.....
8 Firsts:
Tattoo: Have been contemplating getting a tiny chalice on the inside of my left wrist for three or four years now; would be my first. I used to draw one on there every day in high school, stopped for forever, and somehow it came back up as something I might want.
Partner: As in romantic? Dave.
Sex: Same as before. Depending on how one defines sex, possibly also *only*.
Blog: As in one I kept, or one I read? Dunno on the latter, and antimony and this one are the only ones I've ever written. Neither is much of a blog, since I rarely post.
Cellphone: My current one, which I got three years ago when I started commuting by pubtrans and freaked Dave out when the train was three hours late and I didn't call. I don't use it much.
Memory: Sitting on the steps of my aunt's house with someone helping me read. I think. I also have some vague memories of pre-school that are of similar era.
Cigarette: Probably with my best friend Jen, age 15 or so, dunno where. Possibly at Coventry Arabica, or the Dairy Queen parking lot.
7 lasts:
Cigarette: This one I can pinpoint. Mid-2001, on the balcony of the apartment on Prospect Hill, after Dave and I had had a fight, back when things were bad between us. I've still got the rest of the pack of cloves in with my stonecarving equipment.
Food: Pizza for lunch. Missed cookies, grr.
Drink: Office coffee, now tepid.
Car ride: Coming back from hiking in New Hampshire last weekend. Oh, wait, I picked Dave's car up from the shop the day before yesterday.
Kiss: Dave, night before last most likely. We were both antisocial last night.
Song played: Dunno, my iPod has been flaking out lately so I haven't been listening to music at work. ...Wait, the radio was playing Everybody Wants To Rule The World Wednesday night, and I stayed in the car to listen to it. Which also means I need to fix the last car ride...
TV show: Iron Chef USA
6 have I ever:
Danced naked: Not in public. If naked Scottish Country Dancing happened again, I'd probably do it for the lulz, even though I'm very body conscious.
Watched a sunrise: I often get up before daybreak for work. I have only watched them after staying up the entire night a few times, and *those* were memorable.
Laughed so much I peed my pants: No.
Lied to my mom: Yes. On things both major and minor, though I don't do it often.
Hit someone I didn't know: Only if sparring in Tae Kwon Do counts, since I used to do that years and years ago.
4 things (what the hell happened to 5?):
I did yesterday: Endless meetings at work, walked to the North End and got lemon gelato instead of dinner, saw tourists taking tacky photos of the Holocaust memorial, finally saw the 100% ending for TWEWY.
I can hear right now: The hum of both my computers, people talking in the hall, the HVAC system being noisy in general, myself typing.
I've done today: Ran a kickoff meeting for a major project at work, got halfway through brushing my hair on my lunch break when I was interrupted, handled way too many stupid questions, have gone completely brain dead this afternoon.
I do when I'm bored: Surf the 'net, get more coffee, go walkabout in my own head, futz with my computer settings.
3 people:
I'd give my life for: Dave, Jen, my sister, always. As an article of faith, I'd risk my life to save another person, no matter who. Or at least I hope I'd always do so. (Note: I'm an atheist -- I'm not using faith in the traditional sense here.)
2 choices:
Cigarettes or roll-ups: I only ever smoked socially, and I don't any more. I stick to alcohol and caffeine.
Axl Rose or Jon Bon Jovi: Can I pick Rikki Rockett (drummer for Poison), please?
1 wish:
I try very hard to avoid wishes, to live in the present. I fail, mostly, but it means I really can't answer this on the spot. Well, except flippantly: I wish there were still cookies left. Friday without friday cookies makes for a sad me.
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