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Everything is better with a Zeppelin hangar

I'd forgotten how absolutely gorgeous Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is. Not the characters, so much -- Jude Law does nothing for me normally, and they've specifically made up everyone to be less attractive in this in a lot of ways. But the movie itself is just too pretty for words. The buildings, and the planes, and the colors, and the gratuitous tech. Yum.

Also, the amount of stylistic similarities to Doctor Who Season 3 (and some bits of 2 & 4) are impressive -- D---'s comment on Frankie's ship was "hey, it's the Valiant". Not that Who copied, more that they're pulling from the same era of retro-future nostalgia.

Shiny movie is shiny, and while it didn't make either of us any less headache-y, it did make both D--- and I less cranky. :)

Too bad there never seemed to be much fannish love for this one; I remember looking and finding very little when it came out.
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