Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

it's beginning to look a lot like...

Trains good. Sleep good. Missing snowstorm in Boston, sadface, but at least it's pretty here too.

I'll be scarce online though not hiatused from game stuff -- checking email but not booting up AIM.

Also, I have a zillion of those $10 off coupons. Many people who are not me have already much more eloquently said that this is lame on the scale of holiday promotions, but if anyone wants one, I cannot envision running out of them.

Also, am replaying PW1 for the first time in ages and I'd forgotten how much fun it is; the only GS/AA game I'd played lately at all was running through 4-4, which is one of my least favorite cases. Enough that I replayed all of Turnabout Sisters despite really only needing to see a couple of lines, all of which are in the script I have.

D---- leaned over on the train and said, and I quote: "emo lawyers?". Pfft.
Tags: phoenix wright, rp
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