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HMD meme. Crit is love; flow/ebb of language and making things fluid without overuse of qualifiers and linking words is the current poke-the-hornet's-nest area I'm working on, but anything goes.

Now to plow back into a few pages of Zodiac and see if I can't dredge that voice up enough to get S.T. to breakfast. (Don't worry, even if I skip this shift or hiatus him for a little while he's in no danger of being dropped; I'm just flailing with him a little -- a bunch of his stuff has felt very by-the-numbers rather than actually getting in his head. I'll get over it.) ETA: posted. But argh, voice is elusive. Still, I think it's one of those cases where I should try to suck it up and keep shoving words out. IDK.
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