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...sometimes people confuse me...

...okay, that 3+3 meme going around completely confuses me. I can understand crit memes for RP/fic, and the desire that if someone does something irritating out of a misunderstanding you could mention it, but why on Earth would I have any desire to rag on people I like? Most annoying personality traits are kind of just that -- personality traits and aren't really things people can change. So it's not concrit, it's just being mean.

Sorry, not replying to any of them as I like y'all and thus have no desire to be mean. Yes, there may be things you do that irk me, but that's OK -- I'm sure I do obnoxious things too. A little politeness goes a long way.

Also, brain, must find it. Should actually post something at some point. Or work start on Oktoberfest. Or finish Taura's icons.

... the closest thing to a "friendly hug" icon to put on this is Dahlia & Iris. Er. I should fix that.
Tags: falling headlong into geek fallacies, rp
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