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Poll #1406653 gratuitous consumerfan is me

Should I buy the limited-edition Gyakuten Kenji despite not knowing Japanese?

Yes. It is pretty and I might actually learn a few kanji this way.
No, go play a game you already own, dingbat!

Context: Gyakuten Kenji spoilers and rips have hit the 'net. And I've had the LE in my play-asia cart for a month, dithering. I am not good at resisting spoilers. (Though I do promise to be very careful with spoilercuts/etc. here.)

I've had "learn Japanese" on my to-do list for, er, 3 years now? And have learned v. v. little. I own a bunch of dual-language games and one Japanese-only Fire Emblem game, but FE is strategy, not interactive novel.

In other news, workstress is still trying to kill me dead.

ETA: and my iPod has gone from occasional sadfaces -> whack -> happy iPod to dead. I guess I'll remedy that instead.
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