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Things that make me happy today: cafés with free wireless so that I can have a change of scenery while I curl up with my laptop and try to reboot the more creative parts of my brain. And the fact that I think that's going okay -- posting ICly is pulling teeth but not impossible, and now I'm all caught up. (I do wish I knew what was going on plot/long-term-wise over at forjusticeonly but I think we're all just slooooow, and I can live with that.)

ETA: thing two: when I got home and took another look at the garden, I found more irises that had survived last summer's transplant nightmare. Not as many of them made it as I'd hoped, but a bunch more than I thought had done so last week. And the irises my mom brought up are thriving. One of these years I'll have a proper garden.

The only problem with being in fandom rather than just lurking is that sometimes it can be work -- I feel bad about essays I haven't written and fics that are one line in a notebook but technicolor in my head, but I'd rather read or threadstalk or play Persona 3 or SLEEP.

And argh, I'm whining again, which isn't fair. I'm doing okay -- stress just makes me whiny and LJ is kind of enabling. So: a more cheerful question:

Those of y'all who RP: have you found your own style of writing LJ posts/comments/emails changing because of it? I basically flipped from em-dashes to ellipses when I was writing commentspam-style for Phoenix Wright, and then have dropped them again. Which is good, since ellipsis abuse was giving me flashbacks to debating on mailinglists in the early '90s, when I was young and failed at coherent formulation of opinions. And, as I commented at one point on roleplaysecrets, I now have to consciously delete "alright" from my vocabulary. Lately I've found myself throwing interjections -- er, uh, etc -- into comments where I'd never have done that before.

And I'm swearing more, including in-person, which is kind of an amusing side-effect.
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