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icon question

Anyone got any advice for complete-noob tutorials (or good places to ask) on getting text to look decent in icons? Mine all suck, and I'd a) like to clean them up, and b) if I get Taura into damned, I'm going to need to make a lot of text icons as I don't do the PB thing and I don't have the option of buying a new digicam to take pictures of Fenway this time around.

They all end up pixelated and crappy no matter what font I use and whether I start them large and shrink them or not. And all the tutorials I find are for people who've made a lot of icons and want to do some specific fancy effect on their already good-looking text.

(I know lots of places to find free fonts, and I wasn't going to do anything fancy background-wise, at least not to start with. I don't need epic icons, just functional and legible.)

P.S. GIMP is my image-maker of choice, but I can translate tutorials if they're basic and describe what they're doing in detail.
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