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After updating all the profile stuff and generally tidying up noteandquote, I noticed something. Now, all three of my RP journals that I've really used are for characters who are 29. Which is how old I am, at least for a little while longer. *facepalm*

I will say, in my defense, that a) Brushel's journal just got 7 years younger, b) I didn't actually know how old S.T. was when I decided to app him -- it took a very careful readthrough to find the one and only time he gives his age. (I did have a rough idea.) not sure what this says about me, except that the idea of turning thirty is kind of weirding me out. And that the next character I play must be either under 25 or over 40. Just for my own dignity.

Bonus facepalm: I just looked up the age for a journal I made but never got around to playing. 27-29 -- hadn't decided when to pull her from.
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