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rant != real update

At some point, I'll do an updated intro. I've been meaning to do that for ages, and a point at which there are new people is probably a good one. *waves to new people* But not tonight.

Tonight, I'm just going to whine at Capcom, again, about the massive plot holes in Apollo Justice.

People pissed and moaned about the time-traveling bottle, though that particular one didn't bother me, as there is a bottle in both times.

No, the problem isn't that. It's the information about Apollo, which is told to Phoenix by Brushel *during* the present-time of case 4-4 -- i.e. long after he mentioned it to Zak. And while there's a case for an unreliable narrator and Phoenix just lying about not knowing, then you lose a really cute scene of 34-year-old Phoenix still being made of stutterflail. Or you say it's a conflation of two conversations, and fudge it. Sigh.

In conclusion, coherency: get some, Capcom. Also, I am playing Brushel again, over at forjusticeonly. Whee. Hence trying, yet again, to glean an actual timeline from AJ.
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