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kingdom hearts

Y'know, I really don't get why Kingdom Hearts is such a huge fandom.

I picked up the GBA Chain of Memories right before thanksgiving, in case I needed more games to survive a long holiday with the quasi-in-laws. The clerk asked if I was a fan -- I said I liked the PS2 games okay, but I wasn't really a fan.

She was kind of startled -- she said she'd never met someone who didn't either go gaga over the games or hate them [paraphrased, I don't remember exactly what she said].

Mostly, I'm now at the point where the combat has gone from interesting to grinding, and then there's a whole second round of the game to play, evidently. Both of the previous games hit that about 2/3 of the way through, and this one's no exception. And I just don't get why people are so, so fannish about it. The main three kids are sweet, and they actually do hit a lot of my storyline hot-buttons, and if I wanted a pairing, I'd probably trioship. But I just don't care that much.

Shrug. Time to beat it because my copy of Chrono Trigger (christmas present that had shipping fail) should be here shortly.
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